Friday, September 25, 2009

Talk Dirty To Me, Pt. 1

I joke that I'm too old to fuck, and the truth is that I have more memories than expectations, but "hope springs eternal" (A. Pope) and, furthermore, grows well in the medium of memories (me). In other words, I think about sex a lot, and tend to like music that celebrates it. Like early Prince records, for example, even though his music doesn't really rock hard enough.

These 3 covers of Prince songs do rock a bit harder - that's why Marshall Crenshaw's version of "Take Me With U" is here; there's nothing dirty about it. Pansy Division's "Jack U Off", though, is punk and filthy as hell and, thanks to some clever re-writing, queer as hell, too. Finally, Hindu Love Gods (Warren Zevon backed by three-quarters of REM) completely thrash the fuck out of "Raspberry Beret" -- a track that stuck out like a sore something-or-other on the album it came from. It's nice to hear all these tunes together in like-minded company. Kind of a mild start for a deliberately rude mix but, don't worry, it gets juicier.

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