Friday, September 25, 2009

Podwalker's Dogcast, Pt. 1

Welcome to the original title for this blog. A couple of years ago, I thought it might be fun to buy a digital voice recorder and add some bonus value to the hour-and-a-half I spend most days on assorted dog walks by making a walking diary. Afterward, I could edit in some appropriate dog-related music and post the show on one of those podcast-aggregating sites. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but I never got started -- mostly because of those people you see on the street talking into Bluetooth devices; they all look like crazy people to me, and I'd rather not look like that to myself.

My dog, by the way, is a beautiful, little red mutt who looks nothing like the dog depicted here. This drawing was chosen to go with the songs. If I catch you doing any of the terrible things in these songs, you will live to regret that you lived to regret that... etc.

Dog Abuse

Song List:

01. Rufus Thomas - Stop Kicking My Dog Around
02. George Coleman - Innocent Little Doggie
03. Count Markus Cross - Please Don't Spit Beer On My Dog

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