Friday, February 12, 2010

Podwalker's Dogcast, Pt. 5

If you didn't already believe that chihuahuas are the creepiest dogs on the planet, the picture to the left would probably be enough to convince you. The thing is, they are -- at least, the mixed mutt SPCA versions are -- the most grateful, devoted, cuddly animals known to human pet-harborers. Well, cherchez le chien; this post is dedicated to the noble chihuahua, the least-likely to be bravest of the brave dogs.

Bite me!

Song list:

01. Mike Soloway - The Little Chihuahua
02. Frank Milano and the Golden Orchestra - Chihuahua (Cha Cha Cha)
03. El Vez - Chihuahua


Jon said...

Couldn't make any sense of the download site.

D. Jon Moutarde said...

Guess you figured it out later, though, eh?

Jon said...

I am a quick study.